Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Blogger: Reactivated

Hello my loyal bloggites. Almost one moon has passed since last I posted on anything of significance, this I know. And for this I apologize. But most of the time I was home in Brooklyn, and was frankly a little too lazy to post. Besides, who wants to hear about waking up late, taking a leisurely walk to the coffee shop, reading a book, making dinner, having drinks, etc.? Rather mundane, wouldn't you say?

Well, we're back at it. We arrived in the UK just over a week ago, and we're now three shows deep into what will be a two month European run. We're currently in Manchester, enjoying a day off between two Birmingham shows. Pictured above is our current dwelling, the Lowry hotel, convenient to downtown Manchester, several construction sites, and a rather grimy canal. Mmm. Oddly enough, it reminds me a bit of Greenpoint, given the proximity of the East River and all the new condo developments going up around it. Fascinating, the parallels.

This will have to do for now. Must kill me some dinner before going off to see Justin Timberlake at ye olde MEN Arena. More will follow; I have been encumbered for the last several days by a persistent head cold (all but vanished) and £15/day internet in the hotel. I do love me some internet, but not THAT much.