Thursday, February 23, 2006


Here it is. A blog. By Dave. I've entertained the idea of doing this about since I moved out to The City. It has been brought to my attention by several that the scenario of musician-human-moving-to-NY may in fact make for an engaging story, and not wallow as much in the mundane as I tend to believe. As such, I figure there might be at least one person out there who would occasionally want to know what's happening in this life. Besides, writing is fun, and it's probably better than spending time on MySpace. Why tonight? Why not. What else am I going to do, sleep? Ha.

Yeah, layout needs some TLC. I'm a little dismayed with the font selection. I would be much happier if Futura were a choice, but then,
if I really wanted to make you work, I'd use wedings. For EVERYTHING. Not quite as href'd or hipp'd out as, say, my sister's; it is but the dawn.

After realizing (with a pout) that all my usual suspects for things like usernames and domain names had been snagged, I quickly became irritated by the palindrome and anagram freaks of this world who probably grabbed up all the fun page names within hours (minutes, even?) of blogspot's launch, only to covet and leave them to rot. For example, comes up 404. And behold the content treasures found at and Unfair. So here I am, stuck with gtrained. Alas. Better, though, than other options entertained...

And with that, read on if it is your desire. Otherwise, stop procrastinating.


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