Thursday, January 31, 2008

Self Googleage

We all do it, right? Type our name into The Google and see what comes up — or, more accurately, see if our relevant web presences pop up ahead of other web presences connected to those lesser beings who happen to share a first and last name. And they are numerous, these others... Just minutes ago, I did a self-googleage for the shits and giggles of seeing what floated to the surface (in a mere 0.19 seconds!). Occupying the number one position is a relative newcomer to the world of DL-googled, despite its 2005 publication, an open letter from a very defensive massage therapist. (Not me.) I'm not sure why, but this struck me as kinda entertaining.

In past googlings, the number one position has been consistently occupied by this interview with a Sing Sing prison guard, which seemed even more entertaining than the current number one page, and especially ironic. But Sing-Sing-DL is down to number nine, and I am proud to report that my MySpace page has climbed now to number two. And an open letter to the massage profession can only last for so long. Nope, no static letter can withstand my offering of (minimally) dynamic content. Yes folks, just you wait and see. Number one will be mine, all mine...



Blogger Melisa said...

Congratulations, Dave, very exciting to be up on the list. My name is weird enough now that me, my husband, and my cousin are the only people that pop up when my name is typed in. Nothing near as exciting as a massage therapist, though.

9:12 AM  
Anonymous Chris said...

Here's the old webpage of my favorite Googleganger: via the wayback machine:

Make sure to check out the "Lyrics" section. "Can you feel it" is my favorite.

I also collect my favorite Chris Peck's of the interweb here:

1:33 AM  

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