Saturday, March 25, 2006

Razing the Bar

In a furtive attempt to meet my every-couple-days posting goal, I sit down to hammer out a reasonably articulate belch of something fresh. It's not Saturday until I go to sleep and wake up, right? Flow and coherency are entirely optional.

First of all, I think that if one manages to spend eight hours in a single bar (with a break, and a couple different cycles of people), they should pay you, whether out of pity, respect, or amusement. Not just free drinks -- for which one probably doesn't have much of a need after about the sixth hour -- but cold, hard cash. At least a Hamilton or two. 'Cause ya know I been droppin 'em ever since seven. Call me Aaron Burr.

At times I mull over the option of claiming gayness just to have license to touch young women with impunity. Or so one may incline to think after spending some hours in a bar with the entire NYU drama department, past, present, and future. Upon further consideration, I notice the "bad idea" alarm strobing in the distance.

Does anyone remember the "Good Idea, Bad Idea" segments of Yakko and Wakko? Or the Wheel of Morality? If not, well, you missed something back in the mid-90s. Something big.

Mel wanted to post this video on her blog, but because she is in the business of science and not political commentary, it's probably more appropriate that I pass it on through the iMEGA universe. Not a huge Will Ferrell fan, I, but sometimes he really goes there. Like with the yazz flute bit, which I unfortunately had to do last Saturday. Poor people getting married, they actually paid for it.

After a couple days of deliberation, I have decided not to censor content using the "appropriate for family" filter. Saves me the trouble of maintaining a separate, anonymous forum. Less = more.

I may not delete this when I wake up tomorrow.

Good night, good morning, good luck, and good riddance.


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