Monday, October 30, 2006

On The Road (Again)

Hello people.

BloggerDave™ is back.

I apologize for the absence, but it has been a rather busy last month-plus, as I have been playing in the band of this man:

...and touring around a bit in promotion of this soon-to-be-released album:

It's been nothing but way too much fun, exciting (if sometimes strenuous) travels, and good ole unapologetic rock and roll. It's not every day that the sax player gets to be a rock star too:

So far, the travels have taken us to Boston, London, Germany, back to NYC, and then out to Los Angeles, where we have currently taken up residence through Wednesday. One would think that life on the road would be quite conducive to epic postings, but surprisingly, the limiting factor seems to be internet access. Now, I, in my igonrance, would expect that, at the posh hotels in which we've been staying, internet access would be complimentary. Ha. Not so. In fact, this here hotel in LA is the first one not to charge a dime for access to the Inter-Compy Wunder Web. Worst: Our hotel in London, which wanted to charge £20 per *day* for wireless. £20!! That's like, uhh, $300! I know you all would've loved a play-by-play of the London adventure, but it just wasn't gonna happen...

Here's some links to videos and pics and MP3s n' stuff from recent performances:

Way too many pics of our 10/16 concert at Royal Albert Hall
Video of Royal Albert Hall opener
MP3 of All Revved Up/Paradise as performed on the Ken Bruce Show
Video(s) of the 10/27 Today Show concert

More updates forthcoming, of course. Maybe I'll even buy a digicam so appropriate documentation can be provided...

That's all for now. Happy Monday!


Anonymous Margaret said...

So... do they let you pick out your own leather?

4:25 PM  

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