Thursday, February 01, 2007

NPR Goes Blue

In the last few minutes of the 5:00 hour of All Things Considered, the folks at NPR managed to slide in a couple features that take a rare venture into the realm of the sexually charged.

First is a story about one of the growing fitness fads for China's newly wealthy women: pole dancing — or, as they call it, "steel tube dancing." (here)

Second, and the real winner, is a commentary by Brooklyn 20-something Natalie Edwards on the logical grounds for and initial fantasy of a career in prostitution. (here) Quite well done. Evidently, the segment that aired on NPR is but an edited version of the original, which can be found here on



Blogger Hunter Slaton said...

Just, for the first time, had a nice Sunday-morning read-through of your blog (I navigated my way there via my friend Margaret's page on the Intertubes). I like it. How did you get the letter 3 ("Ah, ah -- the letter 3, my friend.") to sponsor you? I've been trying to get 9 on board for months now, but that guy's a dick.

At any rate, good work, I'll be lurking. Check out my blog sometime if you get the chance: fighting fire with unlit matches.

Take care,

Hunter Slaton
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