Monday, February 18, 2008

How To Spend ₤75 In A Day Without Even Trying

Yes, continuing with the trend of general disregard for proper temporal placement, we're now back in London, exactly one week ago. At the beginning of my day of trekking about the city, I stopped at an ATM (or "cash point" for the sake of regional preferences) and withdrew £80, thinking, "Well, if I really squeeze this, I might just be able to make it last until I leave on Thursday." Sure thing... Just as sure as, "Yeah, I'll go to the bar, but only for one."

  • 5.90 – Zone 1-4 day pass for Tube
  • 1.60 – Starbucks small drip coffee
  • 5.00 – Sandwich, crisps, nuts & raisins, bottle of water
  • 20.00 – Two t-shirts at Camden Market (and I talked the guy down...)
  • 7.00 – Three funky voodoo doll keychains (also from Camden Market, also talked the guy down. Always gotta score some good gomi. Pictured: my Samurai St. Christopher)
  • 1.00 – Postcards (4)
  • 3.00 – One pint, to promote the penning of postcards
  • 34.00 – Dinner at a Moroccan restaurant in a relatively normal neighborhood

Sadly enough, I had but a fiver come the end of the day. Ahh my dear London, I fear I cannot visit you for any longer stretches of time unless I'm somehow earning pounds, or an exorbitant amount of dollars. When the New Yorkers wince, you know it's bad... just double for dollars.

Why didn't this ultra-simple posting appear sometime last week? I felt it appropriate to accompany it with a handful of pictures from the day in the form of a Flickr set, which pictures I finally got around to editing last night. And so, please enjoy 24 Hours In London at your leisure.

Considering that it's as gray and damp and gloomy here in Hamburg as I initially thought it would be every day, it's a perfect day for sitting around a domicile, listening to lugubrious music, and catching up on tasks left heretofore undone. Maybe this afternoon I'll finally get around to those Lisbon pics I was talking about way back when...


Anonymous Chris said...

Next time I want a picture of you standing next to the "Beer up here" sign with the arrow pointing at your brain.

1:55 PM  

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