Friday, March 31, 2006

Heroes Fallen

Poking around the Inter-Compy Wunder Web earlier today, I stumbled across a couple visual gems.

First, it appears that everyone's favorite purveyor of audible treacle, Yanni, was arrested earlier in March on charges of domestic abuse. I missed it then, but found his mugshot on The Smoking Gun.

Further details can be found here and here. It may be old news, but it's still worth a bit of a chuckle.

Second, Antonin Scalia may have played hookey from the training session entitled "How Supreme Court Justices Should Properly Address Reporters Who Ask Questions They Don't Want To Hear."

The release of the photo by photographer Peter Smith confirms an earlier account in the Boston Herald, and Slate gives us comprehensive look at the entire story. Sad it may be, but he's a perfect complement to a president with a loose finger.

Next time someone asks Alberto Gonzales about Gitmo, maybe he'll give us the full moon, and the triad will be complete! Let's hope not...

Happy Friday to all!


Blogger chris g said...

I read somewhere that Yanni's lawyer said something to the effect of:

"I can tell you for certain that Yanni would never strike his girlfriend. He would never do anything to damage his hands."

I wonder if that guy is still his lawyer.

5:53 PM  

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