Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Least With The Most

If there were an organization out there who would happily pay those most efficient in wiling away time without anything to show for it, I would be buying up brownstones left and right. I have been active since 10:00 or so, and had the best of intentions for making this a productive day to whoop all productive days. Now it's nearly 3:30, five and a half hours later, and what's been accomplished? I suppose it's a rather formidable list:
  • Brush teeth
  • Eat something
  • Iron pants
  • Email
  • Try to set up meeting with bandmate to look at pictures
  • Piddle around on bass for a while
  • Halfway listen to Brian Lehrer show
  • Check weather, and think about how nice it probably is outside
  • MySpace, MySpace, MySpace
  • Eat more something
  • Halfway listen to Leonard Lopate show, get depressed while listening to Morris Berman talk about how America is entering the dark ages
  • Put dirty laundry in bag
  • Leave house!!!
  • Drop of laundry
  • Relocate to coffee shop, with intentions of transcribing copious amounts of interview
  • Cappuccino, mmm, buzz
  • Decide that before transcribing, I should probably reconstruct cash expenditures for the last two weeks for meticulous Excel spreadsheet
  • More email
  • Move outside, 'cause there's no wireless out there
  • Discover a new network available from the patio
  • Put together an iTunes playlist to accompany Excel drudgery
  • Smile at cute Asian girl at next table over
  • Finish Excel drudgery
  • Open transcription program, import files
  • Finish cappuccino, get peppermint tea
  • Check other blogs for new postings
  • Smile at cute Asian girl as she leaves
  • Since iTunes playlist is far from finished, and I can't listen while transcribing, decide to write in blog
Which brings me here. Watch out, somebody stop me.

In the spirit of distraction, I recently discovered an amazing song by Paul Revere and the Raiders (best known for the time-worn classic, "Louie Louie") entitled "Crisco Party." What on earth is THAT all about!?
"They got this barrel, this big trash barrel, the Crisco barrel-- you just better listen to Crisco Party. I'll probably never be able to put this on the album... it's kind of like Vaseline updated."
Thanks, Paul. (There, I did some transcription. Ha.)

If you haven't unearthed this ruby of a tune, or are too young to have danced to it in high school, spend the 99 cents on iTunes or find it somewhere, and you'll diggy-diggy-diggum, too.


Blogger chris g said...

Hey man, isn't Louie Louie from the Kingsmen?

Wanna know what folks do for fun in Silver Spring? In the downtown area (which is this weird gentrified mall-like pavillion that I'm kind of conflicted about) there is a fake park. What is a fake park, you might ask? There is a park in the place I live where the ground is covered with astroturf. People sit down, have picnics, etc.

My favorite thing is when they close the adjacent street in the summer to hold a farmer's market.

8:37 PM  
Anonymous Chris said...

Hey man, when I showed-up at the coffee shop you had a blonde on each arm. Or at least a blonde sitting next to you with an earbud in. Diggy-diffum that! Ikkleby ikklefilter... My eastover haloday is nearly through, and I've nether snurfed a salutary gafifter forsh!

2:16 AM  

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