Thursday, June 15, 2006

The Silver Temple Show

Man, some days, all the outerspherics come out of hiding, like those few days a year when the flying ants emerge and you find them everywhere. I score a seat on the V train earlier today, and there's a rather rotund fellow in a yellow shirt seated next to me. He's staring out the window and humming loudly. Nutcase flags fly, and I take inventory of other seats. Then, I reconsider: he seems harmless, let's stick around and see what he's got! The singing stops, and he sits in silence. How disappointing! I turn my attention back to my book.

We're probably right under the middle of the East River when, without warning, the eye of the storm passes, and he's off!! Now he's an announcer for some mystic-themed reality game show called The Silver Temple Show. Jackpot! I think about my mini-tape recorder, collecting dust on my desk, and cry a little. In lieu of a complete transcription, the highlights (given in a high-pitched, enthusiastic voice): Congratulations to contestants Sean and [name] on surviving the first round ... Now here's what you have to do ... there's a password room, go to it ... find the three Temple Guards ... but watch out for the Guard Spirits ... very angry ... you'll have to fight ... but first, let's take a look at your prizes. Just for making it this far, we have...


He gets off the train at 5th Ave (still announcing) to be replaced by a guy who smells like dirty laundry extract. Across the way, an elderly chap sits down wearing foam earplugs and a pout that could turn Mr. Rogers into a bitter existentialist. All in five minutes. Perhaps my life was in need of enrichment.


Anonymous Ben M said...

Yes! Sometimes a crazy is just what you need. Yesterday I was on my way home, finishing up a 30-mile bike ride and dead tired. I was still a few miles from home when I pulled up behind another biker, who was displaying some classic signs:

- All camo outfit
- Combat boots
- Actual honest-to-god torn-to-shreds Trib newspaper delivery bag
- Squeaky green ten-speed bike

He was moving pretty fast, so I stuck behind him. After a block or so, he started ringing his bell like crazy. I wondered why until I noticed he was staring over at the attractive woman on the sidewalk. A few blocks later he did it again, but this time to scare off a flock of pigeons.

Then he slowed down and I passed him, but I made it the rest of the way home with a smile on my face.

4:27 PM  

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