Thursday, May 25, 2006

Bad Ideas

"Carbon Dioxide: They call it pollution. We call it life."

This is the closing line from a TV ad, which, at first glance, seems to have come straight out of the SNL lineage of faux commercials, following such classics as Quarry cereal, Crotchbat, The Love Toilet, and Levi's Three-Legged Jeans. Then we realize that it's actually quite the serious "PSA" released by the Competitive Enterprise Institute
to counter Al Gore's global warming awareness movie, An Inconvenient Truth, which opened yesterday in New York. Amazing, the levels of objectivity and clarity that can be attained by a think tank funded at least in part by Exxon and other oil companies. For your viewing pleasure:

Unbelievable. I'd like to see them sit in a room full of it and find out how lifelike they feel after half an hour.

CEI has a couple other equally asinine spots posted on their streams page, though neither are quite as good as the first.

On an arguably lighter note, but continuing with our theme of humor/despair mash-ups, I believe I may have come up with possibly the worst idea for an XM Radio channel: Drum solos. Continuous drum solos. Call it The Throne. No need for stylistic exclusivity; I see no reason why one shouldn't fade directly from Buddy Rich to Lars Ulrich to Shelley Manne to Jabbo Starks to Jack DeJohnette and so forth. Actually, scratch the Jabbo, that might groove too much and inspire happy feelings. The single condition would be that only 25% of the solos featured could actually be in time. Just imagine the horror. The CIA would have something new to play for hours on end in the cells of suspected terrorists. And what if your office made you choose between that or the New Age channel!? What kind of a choice is that?!?

Just a thought.


Blogger chris g said...

Those topics gave me whiplash.

So that ad is for real? Wow. I guess there's nothing else to say about that, other than it's real and I don't believe it exists.

8:10 AM  

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