Thursday, June 01, 2006

The Wandering Island

I was inspired by this website, which was, in turn, inspired by this website (ohmygod, that's like soooo meta-inspirational), to have a little fun with Google Maps, and figured out that the isle of Manhattan fits beautifully in West Grand Traverse Bay, in clear view of downtown Traverse City, MI, my lovely hometown. Yes, they're both at the same scale. Amazing, the fit, isn't it!? Ok, ok, so a few of you will appreciate this wholeheartedly, and most of you only half-heartedly, but humor me. Too much time was spent on this graphic for half-hearted appreciation. Show some love, dammit. I took the liberty of extending some of the downtown bridges and tunnels (brings a whole new dimension to B&T, eh?) to make it a little easier for the commuters. Had the Manhattan Bridge been extended, it and the Brooklyn Bridge would have converged, so I gave preference to the latter. The only GT Bay casualty: Marion Island. Had to remove it. In consolation, behold Roosevelt Island, in all it's creepiness. Maybe they can rig up a tram to Old Mission...


Anonymous Ben M said...

Yay! Dave's a map nerd too! Or at least a Photoshop nerd. Nicely done. That would sure change Old Mission sunset-viewing, wouldn't it?

11:47 AM  

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