Friday, July 28, 2006

Bicycle Thievery

I found this lovely video a couple minutes ago while poking around on Gothamist (it was their video of the day on July 14th), for all you who buy chains to lock up your bike which are strong enough to pull a fully-loaded dump truck. Although it sets out with the purpose of illustrating the ease with which a bike can be lifted through various methods, the weightiest theme upon conclusion is the apparent disregard of New Yorkers for just about ANYTHING happening around them:

My favorite part has to be how he gets power for the grinder. Who knew!?

The origin of this chain of links * was yesterday's video of the day on Gothamist, a clip from a morning show on Fox 5. Apparently, they had the two creators of the above video on the show to demonstrate, live, how easy stealing a bike really is. But, put two clever and mischevious guys on camera with a vapid, humorless Fox anchor, and you're asking for trouble...

Aww hell, why make you travel any further? Here:

What a splendid way to kick off a Friday. Cheers!

* No pun intended. Honestly.


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