Sunday, April 02, 2006

We Live In Brooklyn

I'm hanging at Chris and Jon's place, at the corner of Box and Manhattan in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, up the street from my place. There's a party going on in the Greenpoint Manufacturing Building, and quite literally hundreds of cars, SUVs, and vans are parading around, flaunting their neon, rims, women, and hydraulics, and blasting hip-hop and reggaeton with the force of thousands of watts.

Everyone seems to have the same "Street Legal" (maybe?) sticker on their windshield. Some say "RIP Adam."

What the hell is going on?

Fuzz just showed up... circling

Earlier, a group of 25 vehicles paraded around the block, then all parked simultaneously. Kind of like in Mad Max, when the biker gang rolls into town. We're looking for the Toecutter...

Greenpoint seems to be heating up in the hip-hop scene, as one of Busta Rhymes's bodyguards was shot almost a month ago outside a soundstage during a video shoot.

It's all very fascinating, but what is it? What does it MEAN!?

Our only hypothesis comes from the Street Legal MySpace page. If the thousand images finally load, and you can actually read the type over the background clutter, check out the blog postings, look for the event on April 1st. Maybe a word-of-mouth afterparty?

Any explanations would be appreciated...


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