Friday, May 05, 2006

Oh, little dog

First, an introduction is in order. Hi, my name is Nicole. I am Dave's first "guest blogger" and I am just tickled to be posting on this site. TICKLED!!! This fortunate occurence is the result of the following three events occuring almost simultaneously at 603 this morning:
  1. Dave noted that he was in "transcription hell" again
  2. Adam and Nicole ripped on Dave for not posting anything on his blog recently
  3. Nicole noted that her working-at-home day had very little actual work involved, resulting in massive unexpected free time
Nine hours later, it looks like I spent most of my free time printing photos in a dark, dark room, but I'm at a computer right now, sending out a little ditty just for you, As I write, there is a 3 lb maltise-poodle (matoodle? pootise?) on my lap. Gracie the dog This little thing has managed to pee and poo on me (both!) in the last two minutes. The pee incident occured because she started to go on the rug, to which I said, "Stop, Gracie! Stop!" as I courageously lifted her into the air. Lifted her away from the carpet, across my legs, and into my loving arms. All while her little 3-lb-self continued to pee. Little drops. Everywhere.
I thought I was safe when I saw her go poo on her wee-wee pad. Ahhh, finally she's going in the spot where dogs are supposed to go, a designated square paper thingy called a wee-wee pad. Millions of years of evolution just instinctually make her want to go on a piece of paper. Really. Well, she's gone poo and now we can sit down together at the computer while I compose my thrilling guest post. We can sit together and enjoy this lovely office. Lovely office. Lovely lovely office. Lovely lovely office that smells like poop. Poop? Why does the office smell like poop????
Skip ahead five seconds to see me put together the dampness on my arm, where Gracie rests, with the realization that someone has AWFULLY long fur on her butt.
At this point in my first guest-blog posting, I am realizing how much time it takes to write a posting and it looks like I've gotta run, leaving you with thoughts of little dog poo. I'm sorry there's not time to write something more entertaining, like my story for what I saw at the site of the Greenpoint warehouse fire today (not much was left). I took some shots of the demolition, and I'll be putting them up in the next day or two, so.....stay tuned. With any luck Dave will invite me back.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

we want dave! we want dave! we want dave! we want dave! dave! dave! dave's our man! if he can't do it, nobody can! we want dave! we want dave! dave! dave! rah rah rah!

10:44 PM  
Blogger David said...

anonymous, you are a mean, unforgiving little fucker. And by that I mean, you're probably one of about two or three people I can think of immediately, and I won't hold it against you for all that long. But really. Nicole flailed at the last minute to guest-post, even at the danger of being coated with dog poo, and there I was, running away from the computer, hell-bent on drinking a whole lot of beer with old Libeskind people. Please give props where props are due. And in this case, it is not me who gets the props. Hell, at this point, all I want is a pillow and a horizontal surface. *hic*

4:19 AM  

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