Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Pimp n' Pyro

Were a "You know you're a rock star when..." list to be assembled, few things would be added as readily as having played a concert involving significant use of flammable material. After our show in London on Sunday, I can now put one more notch in that rock star belt...

Since the London show was the venue for the filming of a live DVD (which title must somehow include Live In London... Ontario), they decided to pull out all the stops for the event. Some of you will be familiar with my past (past!?) as quite the firebug, and will understand the excitement I felt, the impish sparkle in my eye, when I found out that there would be six towers of propane-fueled flames erupting behind us during one of the songs. Though the picture doesn't quite capture the inferno in it's full splendor, each flame reached as high as 25 or 30 feet. As the closest one to me stood about 10 feet behind me, it got pretty crispy up there for a few minutes, and I loved every minute of it. Besides the flames, they also set up some airbursts and a row of sparklers for a few other tunes — but nothing quite as glorious as the fire!

The DVD filming also inspired a new line of costuming for the first couple of numbers. Previously, we'd worn football jerseys, and seeing as how I'm about as happy in a jersey as a cat in a bathtub, just about anything would've been a step in the right direction, no matter how ridiculous. As you can see from the picture, ridiculous and over the top is what I got, and I loved it. The theme of the recostuming was '70s attire, a theme that came across clearly enough with other members of the band such as the lovely ladies beside me. Mine, however, a different story. I was supposed to be outfitted as a pimp, but I look like I should be pimping Hobbits instead of harlots. Say hey to Gandalf and his superfly honeys. Yeah, I got a spell for you. But it'll cost ya...

Yesterday's show was in Hamilton, and marked our last in Canada. It was so absolutely freezing on stage that we all would've probably chipped in a few bucks to have the pyro team set up again. And now, as I put the finishing touches on this here posting, we're going through customs in Buffalo — back in the USA! I can already smell the freedom.


Anonymous smokey said...

Love it!!!

Very impression...

The Striped Pimp in the Hat
With his Saxa-ma-roo
Flanked this way and that
By Hot Thing 1, Hot Thing 2.

Though your Gandalf reference is spot on as well. Very precious indeed!

Fun with fire...

3:11 PM  
Blogger greasylookin said...

Inspired of a new turn to get dressed about most pairs of numbers spent of the soccer football, and to so see how I am around so slipper in a New Jersey excessive ridiculous salutation and the odor is what I obtained, and I loved it! Members on the binder such as the binding, charming ladies next. Mine, nevertheless, must be a mostly diverse history.

12:23 AM  

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