Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Gang$ta Pooh

A number of people warned me about Winnipeg in preceding cities. "You're going where!?" "Any chance you give them to fight, they'll take it." "They'll cut you up, rob you, leave you for dead." And so on. Coming from Kelowna and Calgary, my nose smelled hyperbole. That bad? Really? Worse than anyplace I could normally find myself in Brooklyn or Manhattan?

I thought it a bit portentous, then, when I spotted the headline of Sunday's paper:

Yikes! This, from the city which inspired the eponymous Winnie the Pooh!? (Which show appeared on the telly for a few while I packed my bags this morning, oddly enough.) I'll never be able to think about getting my head stuck in a hunny pot quite the same way ever again...

All Poohs considered, I'm perfectly happy to be outa there and back in Toronto. At least they project an image of civility here. And they don't make you go underground to cross the street.


Anonymous Anon said...

Obviously you have not become acquainted with Underground Toronto - it's a subterranean world of walkways and businesses. It runs under/through a large part of the downtown area. Particularly appreciated in cold & windy weather!

11:08 PM  

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