Monday, April 09, 2007

No Show Doh!

Captured in shady mobi-cam quality, the notice posted on the doors of the Hard Rock venue on the Universal Citywalk regarding our canceled Sunday performance. This seems to capture the theme of late, as the boss-man's illness hasn't allowed us to do a full show since Hershey, PA, well over a week ago. Although all cancellations have been necessary, it's not a great feeling when a show is called off minutes before or minutes into. One looks out at all the people in the audience, and a little nauseous knot takes hold in the gut. Sure, the added down-time is nice (especially when stranded in Florida), I'm ready to play again (especially when stranded in Connecticut). Three shows left on this leg, let's rock it.


Anonymous Chris g said...

Hey - how's the man's health? Just curious how the tour is going lately - and if the show's happening in DC.

1:22 PM  

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