Monday, April 23, 2007

Starting Off The Week Right

Jon says this is better without subtitles, and he may be right.

The humorous value of the following is directly proportional to your music-dork factor, but even the most basic knowledge of Thelonious Monk is enough to elicit a hearty chuckle. Shorter than the first, too!

And yes, for those of you keeping score, that was pianist/organist Larry Goldings in the starring role (err, only role). It's such a relief to find established jazz guys who really have a sense of humor and are more than willing to invest the time in the development of such sense, especially given the abundance of stick-in-ass wanks who claim "jazz musician" as 51% or more of their identity.

Ok, one day soon I will post something which consists more of writing than recycled videos, but not today. I'm on break, fer cryin' out loud. And it's bedtime. But just think, where would you be without forklift-impaled factory workers, MC Nuts, and the soothing sounds of Hans Groiner? Nowhere. That's right, nowhere.


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