Thursday, June 21, 2007

Frankfurt Am Main

My ever-perceptive sister suggested that having a picture of a condom truck at the top of the page for more than a week might be a little tacky. I'm inclined to agree. And thus, here's my first view of Frankfurt the moment I stepped off the bus yesterday:

At first glance, the city provides a contrast to the quaint Bavarian-ness of the old city in Munich, near which we were posted for several days over the weekend. And what does that look like, you ask? Or further, why haven't you posted pictures so that we would have a basis for comparison? Well, I'm working on a synopsis of the pre-Stuttgart German adventures, which will be chock-full of pretty pictures and words. Since it's pissing down with a diluvial vengeance, I'm sitting happily in the window of a Starbucks, enjoying their Motown mix, and trying to finish said posting. With luck, we'll get their before I have to leave for the gig in an hour and a half...


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