Thursday, June 28, 2007

This Stuff Rocks!

Pow! Bristol 1, rest of England 0:

Best pale ale I've had in England. Not the strongest, but pleasantly hopped, well balanced, and potent enough to put a little hair on the chest. Flyin' high after running five miles and drinking a couple of these... would love to bring a crate back with me.

What else rocks? This story on NPR!! Thanks to Ben for bringing it to my attention. It's all about a summer camp for high school kids centered around blowing stuff up. Had I heard about this when I was 16, there would've been no jazz camp that summer. Nope, would've packed my bags for Missouri to play with dynamite for a few days. Some of you know where my head was 10 years ago, but for those who don't... well, let's just say that I still bear the scars on a couple fingers of my right hand after an attempt to make gunpowder took a wrong turn. The big drawback, though, is that the camp appears to be a recruiting ground for the exciting field of mine engineering. No thanks. Building demolition seems far more intriguing. And artistic.


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