Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Bobble Bobble Buffalo

You know you've made it when you've had a bobble-head doll created in your image:

Ok, so it was probably made by one of these companies, and they were made at the request of the boss, but gadammit, I have my own freakin' BOBBLE-HEAD! Match THAT!! *

We arrived in Buffalo, NY last night. Our hotel is right downtown, which in some cities would mean being right in the middle of the action, but in this case it's only in the middle of the action if action is defined as nine-to-five commercial madness. What kind of sad mistake did urban planners make in years past, turning the hearts of our cities into lifeless wastelands? I look at the faceless buildings, walk through the concrete plazas, marvel at the lunar feel of the landscape after 5:00 on a weekday, and wonder how anyone could have ever said "Now THAT'S a good idea." Didn't they ever read their Jane Jacobs? And now we have to suffer their idiocy until it all crumbles or someone comes in with a few billion and a phalanx of bulldozers.

In all fairness, I did wander into Allentown earlier today, a funky neighborhood about a 20-minute walk north of the hotel. Had breakfast at the local Greek diner, and took a walk-around, and found a great coffee shop to sit for a while and read while Otis Redding played on the stereo. I can't remember the name, but it's kinda small, on the west side of the street (Elmwood, I believe), right across from some Steel Cafe, and there was an awesome girl named Brena working who gave me a copy of The Treasured Writings of Kahlil Gibran when I said I'd never read him (thanks, Brena!). Every city's got people who fight back and make their own pockets of coolness.

Our venue tonight was the theater at Darien Lake amusement park. The last time I was there, I was probably 11 or 12 years old, and I was camping next door with my Boy Scout troop (209). Funny how it all comes swarming back, but seems so small 15 years later! For some idiotic reason, I didn't even think about the possibility that our passes would grant us free access to the park and rides within. We rode all the roller coasters after sound check, and it was fucking AWESOME, loops and corkscrews and 203-foot drops and all. 10 years since the last coaster... why so long!?

* Thanks again to John for his masterful video skills, which I continually exploit.


Blogger Elizabeth said...

WWJJD, though? Probably just observe it, maybe write about it, and then traipse back to her lovely Manhattan confines. And we should revere her no less for that.

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