Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Weather: 020 Stylin'



You can view a short video of storm footage here. I have never seen a hailstorm quite like this one, especially at the beginning of July. 30 minutes previous, we were sitting out in the garden behind the shop from which the video and pictures were taken. As the first raindrops came down, I had suggested that we should endure the storm from underneath an umbrella. My idea was quickly vetoed. For the better.

I have much more to tell, and much more to show. It was my plan to show and tell a good amount of it this evening, before I was roped into a Notting Hill pub earlier on. Blame the rain... I only did it to stay dry!


Blogger saeko crawford said...

Nothing surprise me anymore....
We are having a bad summer and flood in U.K!!!


3:59 PM  

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