Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Upstate, Baby

After being back in the city for a stretch, we're back in the land of "Can I help who's next?", which in this case means Syracuse, NY, but probably applies to most of the country. I walked into the Bruegger's Bagels on campus this morning and it smacked me right off. Now, I'm not anywhere near to bearing the badge of the Grammar Police, but that one just hurts, and it's everywhere. How about something simple, like a "Who's next?" or an "I can help the next person," or just go there with "Can I help whoever's next?" Yes, language was meant to be twisted and teased, but this one sounds so very wrong, kind of like clapping on one and three. Alas, both seem to be generally accepted by the populace.

Same thing at Starbucks 10 minutes later.

Though we officially started this leg on the 18th just about two weeks ago, I haven't felt like we've really been on tour until yesterday. Because of the proximity of the last gigs to NYC, I spent most of the last week at home. Add that to the city time at the beginning, and the road time has been kept to a minimum. But now, no more city until early September.

A good term to be familiar with in the world of road travel is "oil-spotting."

Behold the staging area for our earlier gig at the Watertown fairgrounds. Believe it or not, those trailers, while as lacking in air conditioning as residential in feel, made for one of the more comfortable pre-show hangs thus far. Better than a fluorescently-lit locker room in the basement of an arena. Still, on a cloudless, sunny day, spare time was better spent throwing around a frisbee.

A curious bit about Watertown, or the sliver that I saw. Across the street from the fairgrounds — directly behind the trailers, in fact — sit both a public swimming pool and roadside park. I poked around the park for a minute after dinner and noticed that though it sits above the bank of a river, the riverbank itself is obstructed for the length of the park by a chain-link fence. And why?

Who knows. I'd hate to know what they've got hiding in that river.

I finally bought a sketchbook and some sketch pencils after intending to do so for the last couple months. Before this whole music took off running, I was a visual guy. Haven't done much with a pencil in the last 10 years, but it might be a fun way to spend some time over the next month...

Sleepy time!


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may I help who number?

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